OHR Social

OHR Social

We pride ourselves at Oakhill as an agency of the new generation.

Therefore, we are proud to say we are active on many forms of social media platforms including FaceBook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram. We believe social media increases the ability to grow relationships with our target audience while at the same time increasing brand awareness.

With daily posts across all social media platforms we make it easier for our clients to connect, recommend and find us. Social Media allows Oakhill to share property profiles direct to our target audience in a dynamic, vibrant and very modern way. Each member of the Oakhill Team has their own social media accounts, meaning we are able to grow a strong, reliable platform on which Oakhill Residential can continue to reach new levels developing a rapport with our audience.

Social Media is a two-way channel. Not only do we share new properties to sell or rent, but we post about upcoming events, inspire people with a quote of the day or even capture a beautiful sunset. It is important to us that we build an agency that is personal on social media, enriching relationships with clients.

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